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About the Author : monstertech

Company Profile • Business Name: Monster Technologies Ltd • Business Address: # 18 Saddle Road, San Juan • Email: Tel: 1-868-225-9627 General Business Activities In response to fill a need for a computer store, phone and internet cafe, Monster Technologies Limited was established on the 13th, October 2013. The company's owner, who came from a humble beginning, took that risk to answer the call, to supply middle to low budgeted laptops, desktops, tablet-pc and cell phone to income owners on a tight budget. While Monster Technologies Ltd, would not shy away from offering high-end computer and cell phones, the company's objective is to ensure that every home has access to a basic computing device. Additionally, Monster Technologies mandate has not only been to make certain that, every home have access to a computer device, but also to ensure, that more of the community, which it serves, become more computer literate, through the use of its internet cafe service. Lastly, for the school and general population who are still unable to afford the purchase of a new computer nor access to an internet provider, Monster Technologies Ltd, offers assistance with secretarial duties in the form of the typing and printing of school assignment, resumes, and other projects, for a small fee. Company Strategy • Purpose To be a leader by providing low to middle-income earners an equal opportunity of accessing affordable computers and smartphones with an enhanced service, relationship, and profitability. • Vision To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our valued customers. • Mission statement To build long-term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and after sale service. • Core values At Monster Technologies Ltd, we value our customers just as our reputation, so we believe in treating our customers with respect and in good faith. Therefore, after sale service is one of our main priority. • We grow through customer service and innovation. • Our company integrates integrity, reliability and business ethics into all aspects of our business operations. • Goals are to expand with more branches that provide similar services to the community of which Monster Technologies is a part of and develop a strong customer base. • Increase in market share, whereby we could fulfill our corporate responsibility to our stakeholders and its environs. Scope of Work • Monster Technologies Ltd is here to fulfill that need to the San Juan and Port of Spain community, by offering middle to low range affordably priced desktops, laptops, tablet-pc, smartphones, and accessories while providing internet service access and assistance with school and secretarial services.

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